Graduating from SCH

For those completing high school and graduating from SCH.

Congratulations on your completion of high school and graduating from SCH!

We want to pass along some guidance and a few notes regarding your accounts and data at SCH.  After early graduation, student unenrollment, or at the start of a new school year, two notable things happen to your SCH accounts:

1) Your network login accounts at SCH will be deactivated

2) Your Google account will be deactivated

Following are some steps to assist you as you transition out of SCH.

1) Make certain that your account is NOT set up as your primary account for backup on your phones or other personal devices. It is recommended to use a personal gmail account.

2) If you wish to keep your email and/or documents in your Google Drive, you can use a utility called Google Transfer. Here is an example video from YouTube that walks you through it:

Google Transfer:

If you have other items connected to your account that you need to keep, follow the steps inside that video to download them using  Google Takeout.

Google Takeout:

Please be warned - Personal Google accounts have a limit of 15GB of data storage.  If you have more data than that to transfer, you will have to either:

  • delete some items to get below 15GB of stored data
  • Purchase more storage space for your personal Google account.
  • Perform a Google Takeout on your SCH account to archive everything.

Your data usage shows in Google Drive on the left side of the browser window under the "storage" tag.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us in the Technology Department.

Again, congratulations and we wish you the very best!