School City Of Hammond
Board Of School Trustees

The school board, in order to fulfill its commitment to the community it is elected to represent, is driven by the values and beliefs that follow:

a. Every  student is entitled to and shall be provided challenging educational experiences and opportunities to ensure full and meaningful participation in a global, diverse technology oriented society.

b. Every  school city employee has an active and vital role in contributing to the success of students. More specifically, every teacher and administrator shall be held accountable for student achievement in the Hammond Public Schools.

c. Every  parent/guardian is expected to assume an active and meaningful role in the lives of their children. The board recognizes parents/guardians as an essential support for student success.

d. Every  community resident and business leader has a vested interest in the success of students in school. To that end, each must become more knowledgeable, supportive and involved in the success of students attending Hammond Public Schools.

Adhering to the above beliefs and times will provide a foundation for the board’s mission:

Mission Statement

The Hammond Board of School Trustees promotes the highest educational attainment in support of lifelong learners.

Through these efforts, the board envisions:

Vision Statement

The Hammond Board of School Trustees is committed to providing diverse learning experiences and environments that are necessary to develop high educational attainment for lifelong learners. As a result, students will develop into positive, productive citizens capable of succeeding and competing in a challenging and complex global society.