Radio/TV Production I & II

Instructor: Stephanie Reiser

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Principles of radio/tv provides introduction to the fundamentals of digital production for audio, video, studio and field production.  Students will gain in-depth study on audio and video production techniques for radio, television, and digital technologies.  Students will learn skills necessary for audio production and on-air work used in digital formats.  Experience will be obtained through the development of the video production process; including skills in message development, directing, camera, video switcher, and character generator operations.  
Length/Credits: 2 year program, 6 high school credits per year
Open to: Grades 11 and 12
Eligible Certifications: Adobe Certified Associate
Dual Credit Provider: Vincennes University
Dual Credit Course


1st Year Students
BCST102 - Intro to Audio/Video Production 3
BCST120 - Audio Production 3
BCST140 - Video Production I 3
BCST206 - Video Production II 3