Board Meetings and Procedures

School Board Meetings will be on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, Although Board Meeting dates may be adjusted. Board Meetings are held at 6:00p.m. September through May and at 5:30p.m. June through August. All School Board meetings will be held at the Administration Center, 41 Williams Street.

Meetings are open to the public; however, the Board may conduct executive sessions for the purposes of discussing personnel issues, contract negotiations, and other concerns as outlined by law. Public notice is given of such sessions, and final action of matters discussed in executive session is always taken in a public meeting.

Meetings are conducted according to an agenda prepared by the superintendent and posted at the entrance to the meeting room prior to the meeting. The agenda allows for an orderly consideration of many issues and concerns. This agenda, along with pertinent background information is sent to Board members not later than Thursday of the week prior to the meeting. This allows Board members time to prepare adequately to make their decisions.

Effective 2012, elections will be held during November of even-numbered years.Members will take office January 1 following their election. Board Officers will be chosen at the first meeting in January.

Consent Agenda: Many routine items that require Board approval may be placed on the consent agenda. The Board may approve or disapprove these items by considering them as a whole rather than by acting on each item individually. If a Board member feels that any item on the consent agenda needs further discussion, the member may request that the item be removed from the consent agenda and be considered separately.

Public Participation: School patrons and interested citizens may bring an item to the attention of the Board by telephone or by written request to the Board president or to the superintendent of schools who may place the item on the agenda.

The Board welcomes opinions and questions from the community. As a result, the agenda for each regular meeting provides time for two periods of public expression. The first period of public expression is limited to discussion of items on the agenda. The second permits citizens to express concerns relative to the operation of the School City, school board actions, and other items of general educational interest.

Persons who wish to address the Board are asked to sign in before the meeting begins. Participants are asked to limit their remarks to three minutes. Speakers should use the microphone and lectern to ensure that all persons present can hear clearly. Each participant must state his name and address before beginning his/her remarks. Out of consideration for others who may wish to speak, participants should keep their remarks brief and to the point