Upcoming SAT/PSAT 9 Day

Upcoming SAT/PSAT 9 Day

Thursday, Oct. 28, is SAT School Day for 12th grade and PSAT9 School Day for 9th grade.

On this date, students in grades 9 and 12 should report to their home school regularly (7:30 a.m.). After the test, students will have lunch and continue the rest of the day as usual.

Students in grades 10 and 11 will have an asynchronous e-learning day and should log into their Google Classrooms by 9 a.m. They will have until Monday, Nov. 1, to submit these assignments. These students in grades 10 and 11 can pick up a bagged breakfast and lunch to take home with them on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

11th grade Area Career Center students should expect to attend their ACC courses as regularly scheduled. If you already receive bus transportation, you will continue to receive it for this date.

Elementary, middle school and CBE students will report to their home schools regularly for in-person learning.