SCH Back to School FAQ

This is a working document - some items cannot be answered until closer to the start date.

Q: What are the three options/plans for this school year?

A: Here are the options:

Green - 5 days of face to face instruction & a full time eLearning option for families that choose.

Yellow - hybrid schedule for face to face,

Red - no face to face. Online safe zones will be made available to the community.

Q: How long is the decision for face to face instruction or full time eLearning option?

A: You must stay with your option for the semester.

Q: Do all children in the same family have to choose the same option?

A: No, each student can choose either option.

Q: Are there fixed COVID-19 rates that determine when to switch between green, yellow and red plans? 

A: No, this decision will be made in cooperation with the Lake County Board of Health.

Q: Will parents be notified of a positive case at the school? 

A: Only if your child was identified as being in close contact (more than 15 minutes within six feet) to a positive case? The Indiana State Department of Health will be assisting with Contact Tracing.

Q: Do I still pay book fees if I choose virtual learning for my student(s)?

A: Yes, you will need to pay book fees. Please make sure you fill out the Textbook Free & Reduced Application if you qualify. 

Q: Have the school health personnel received training in responding to COVID-19 symptoms? 

A: Yes, and will continue with ongoing training.

Q: Will students still be required to dress in Uniformity of Color for the school year?

A: For the foreseeable future SCH will suspend the Uniformity of Color policy. School appropriate attire will still be required.

Q: Will SCH provide PPE (face masks) to students?

A: SCH will provide one cloth mask per student. If a student forgets their mask SCH will provide a disposable mask. Students can wear any school appropriate face covering.

Q: What is the response if a student refuses to comply with mask wearing expectations while in the school building?

A: Students refusing to comply with any expectations will be subject to the progressive discipline policy.

Q: Will students have barriers on their desks?

A: There is no plan at this time to have barriers on student desks.

Q: Will ACCU and ACC CTE students be able to choose eLearning?

A: ACCU students can choose eLearning. ACC CTE students can not choose eLearning due to requirements for the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet.

Q: Will SCH provide COVID-19 testing to staff and students?

A: SCH will not be paying for COVID-19 tests at this time.

Q: How will bathrooms be cleaned? 

A: Bathrooms will be sanitized every hour

Q: What will be the eLearning hours? / Will the school calendar & hours be altered?

A: Our strong recommendation is that learning will take place during school hours for eLearning. The school day and calendar will not be altered at this time.

Q: How will students with I.E.P.’s be accommodated? 

A: Case conferences to decide on accommodations will happen on a case by case basis. Please refer back to Board Docs for the document regarding I.E.P.s.

Q: Will students, staff and/or visitors be required to have their temperature taken before entering the buildings? A: No temperature will be taken unless a student is referred to the health personnel in the building. 

Q: What is the mask requirement for students during the school day?

A: For in person classes, ALL Pre-K - 12 students will be wearing a mask. We are working on safe ways that students can take breaks from mask wearing.

Q: Will all siblings of a student who is ill have to quarantine?

A: If any member of the family is ill  - all students will need to quarantine for the required period.

Q: How will social distancing look in the classrooms?  In the hallways?  On the playground?  Gym?  Music? Etc

A: There will be some situations where 6 feet of distance is not possible. It largely depends on how many students will be returning to school for in person classes. We are not having a traditional recess situation. 

Q: Will busses offer six feet apart? 

A: Most routes will not, so all students will be required to wear a mask while on the bus. This will also depend on how many families choose the eLearning option for their child.

Q: Will recording teachers in the classroom be a violation of privacy for students?

A: No, the webcam will only be on the teacher. Teachers record themselves while moving - the recording is only for the direct instruction portion of the lesson. 

Q: Will SCH provide a hotspot or device for every student?

A: We will use the data from registration to see how we can accommodate those students that need technology.