Curriculum and Instruction

The instructional program of Hammond's public schools is designed to provide a wide range of opportunities for learning. The School City of Hammond is committed to promoting academic achievement, to developing the individual talents and capabilities of each learner, and to encouraging the attitudes and habits of life-long learning.

Adult Education includes a number of programs for diploma-completion requirements, skill brush-up, hands-on vocational training, and GED preparation. Facilities include daytime learning lab to provide flexible study and scheduling arrangements, a computer-assisted learning lab, and customized programs developed in cooperation with local businesses.
Cynthia Warner, Administrator for Adult Education 

Advanced Placement (AP) program is available in each of Hammond's high schools. High school instructors teach college-level classes to high school students in their local schools. In the spring, students may elect to take Advanced Placement Examinations that may lead to earned college credit. 
Theresa Mayerik, Director 

Special Education for students with disabilities is available at all levels in Hammond's schools. Students are provided an appropriate educational program, including related services necessary for them to benefit from specialized instruction. In addition to services for school-age children, the Special Education Department ensures that diagnostic services are provided for preschool children (ages 0-4 years) with suspected disabling conditions. The department also conducts a program to serve students who are homebound as a result of serious illness or injury. 

Career and Technical Education programs at the Area Career Center are open to juniors and seniors who are interested in gaining a competitive advantage over their peers. CTE programs provide real-world, hands-on experiences in one of 16 different career pathways.  Students enroll in a two-year program of their choice to earn industry certifications, dual-credits, and credits toward their Indiana Technical Honors diploma.  Interested students should speak to their counselor and can register online by selecting the ACC from the list of schools on the SCH website.

Title I, a federally funded program, is designed to enable students living in high poverty school areas to meet the state's challenging academic standards. The program provides additional funds for staff, materials, equipment, staff development, and family involvement to eligible schools. Title I services include supplemental instructional assistance, extended day and summer programs, student support facilitators, developmentally appropriate activities for 4-year-old children who will be entering kindergarten in the fall, as well as workshops designed to reinforce the home as a resource to promote learning and success in school. 

Language Development Program, a federally funded program, has been established to meet the language needs of Hammond's language-minority students. The objectives of the program reflect emphasis on language acquisition and development, as well as other skills necessary to function effectively in society and in the work world. Bilingual instructors also provide services to migrant families, including ESL, literacy in either English or Spanish, and training in job skill areas. 
Anthony Salinas, Director 

Community Education offers courses to meet the needs and interests of individuals to promote habits of life-long learning for self improvement, personal growth, and recreation. 
Cynthia Warner, Administrator for Adult Education 

Extra-Curricular Programs extend the instructional program beyond the classroom, giving students the opportunity to develop interests and abilities that can be continued throughout adult life. These activities provide experiences through which students can learn the importance of cooperation and working with others.