Building Assessment

School City of Hammond Facilities Assessment

In the Fall of 2017, the School City of Hammond contracted with Schmidt Associates to conduct a comprehensive Facilities Assessment. The activities included:

  • Meetings conducted at each building to gather utilization data as well as staff comments.
  • This data informed the capacity and utilization component of the assessment as well as  helped to focus Schmidt Associates’ team during their facilities conditional assessment inspections.
  • In-depth inspections of the facilities to the equipment level.

The resultant Facilities Assessment is a large collection of data presented to the School City of Hammond in a dynamic set of spreadsheets and will be utilized as a planning tool.

  • Help to guide decisions on maintenance
  • Inform the development of a District-wide Strategic Plan for capital improvements, curriculum and financial resource needs.

Documents for Public Viewing, Comments and Questions blog site

Schmidt Associates provided a summary of the Facilities Assessment during a Public Work Session on April 28, 2018 and that Summary as well as a static printout of the entire Facilities Assessment, including Capacity and Utilization data, is being provided for public view in the blog link shown below.  

  • The blog provides a mechanism for the public to submit comments or questions to Schmidt Associates.
  • These comments and questions will be received and reviewed by Schmidt Associates who will moderate the blog and post comments and questions/answers that are specific to the Facilities Assessment documents.

Click here for the School City of Hammond Facilities Assessment Blog