Adult Education

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Adult Education includes a number of FREE programs for diploma-completion requirements, and HSE preparation. Facilities include daytime learning lab to provide flexible study and scheduling arrangements, a computer-assisted learning lab, and customized programs developed in cooperation with local businesses.

Customized Instruction to Your Work Site
Because of its successful past performance in providing workplace skills education, Hammond Adult Education has been identified by the Indiana Department of Education as one of four Northern Indiana Adult Education programs to receive a special grant dedicated to providing job-specific education on employers’ premises.

Distance Learning
This computer-based program will allow limited English-speaking people to gain English literacy skills through convenient home study. Participation in the Study English at Home class is free to Indiana residents 18 or older. Students must attend a pre-enrollment orientation, pass a class pretest and have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Free computer use training will be provided. Enrollment will be limited because of software licensing restrictions. This distance-learning program will include computer study, video tapes, use of a workbook, email correspondence with a certified English-as-a-second language instructor, and telephone conversations with the instructor. Objectives include increasing the English reading, writing, and speaking skills of students.
For information or to enroll, call (219) 933-2419 or come to Room 336 in the Area Career Center, 5727 Sohl Ave.

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The Key to Your Future!

If you want to get into a college, an apprenticeship, or other training…
If you want to start that life-time career that allows you to support yourself, (maybe even a family) you will need a diploma by completing high school requirements,or by passing the HSE examination!

Are minimum English reading & writing skills keeping you from...
Employment? Job Advancement? Getting into a training program or college? Helping your child in school? Improving your family's life?

Be a Ranbowmaker.

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please call
  The Hammond Adult Education office
at 933-2419
or come to
  Room 336 in the Area Career Center, 5727 Sohl Ave., during business hours.
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