Commonly Used Acronyms

AAC-Augmentative and Alternative Communication

            ABA-Applied Behavioral Analysis

            ACR-Annual Case Review

            ADHD-Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder

            ASD-Autism Spectrum Disorders

            ASL-American Sign Language

            AT-Assistive Technology

            BIP-Behavioral Intervention Plan

            BLV-Blind Low Vision

            BTE-Bridges to Employment

            CBE-Community Based Education

            CCC-Case Conference Committee

            CD-Cognitive Disability

            COTA-Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

            CP-Cerebral Palsy

            DD-Developmental Delay

            DHH-Deaf or Hard of Hearing

            ED-Emotional Disability

            ELL-English Language Learners

            ESY-Extended School Year

            FAPE-Free and Appropriate Public Education

            FBA-Functional Behavior Assessment

            FERPA-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

            IDEA-Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

            IEE-Independent Educational Evaluation

            IEP-Individualized Education Program

            ISP-Individualized Service Plan

            LEA-Local Education Agency

            LI-Language Impairment

            LPTA-Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

            LRE-Least Restrictive Environment

            MD-Manifestation Determination

            OHI-Other Health Impaired

            OI-Orthopedic Impairment

            OT-Occupational Therapy

            PECS-Picture Exchange Communication System

            PLOP-Present Level of Performance

            PT-Physical Therapy

            RTI-Response to Instruction

            SEI-Suspension Expulsion Interventionist

            SI-Speech Impairment

            SLD-Specific Learning Disability

            SLA-Speech Language Assistant

            SLP-Speech Language Pathologist

            TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury